FinWave—the Manufactory of Innovation

We lead through the dynamic change with future-oriented technology. In this connection, we make the whole potential utilisable for you. Thereby we develop clearance for creativity and innovation. We rouse enthusiasm for technology and its opportunities.

You don’t want to get solutions off the shelf?

You are searching for innovative and individual solutions?

You are looking for a kind of counselling, speaking your language and understanding your challenges?

Pleased to meet you!

We are your manufactory of innovation! We are a young and creative team, which chooses to break out of preset paradigms. Our core business is digitalisation and automation of processes. In doing so we cover the strategic orientation of your company as well as the translation of your business processes in bits and bytes. Next to innovation, technology and robotic, we payspecial attention to the people who work in your company. We port innovation in a way that it becomes intelligible. In addition, we foster our tight relationships to universities so we can bring in a scientific approach if

required. Forward-looking communication and concepts for HR make our business activities complete:

We look forward to you!