Process Management & Automation

We analyse your processes and identify potential capacities for improvement and automation.

Together with you, we deconstruct your process map and identify those processes in your company that are appropriate for automation. Basing on established business cases, we compile a decision paper, optimise and shape the new process and put it technically into effect with an RPA framework. In doing so, we use the frameworks of different producers, e.g. Ui Path or Blue Prism. We automate your processes without changing the already existing IT facilities.

Our Ambitions for You—Process Excellence by Automation

  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Increase in quality and elimination of waste
  • Improvement of flexibility and stability of processes
  • Lowering of costs and advance of transparency

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Productivity & efficiency:
    software can perform faster and 24 hours a day
  • Quality, compliance & security:
    human errors are being reduced or eliminated
  • Scalability & flexibility:
    the software is easy to replicate and to scale. This helps to graduate peaks of demand with retaining quality
  • Profitability and costs:
    process automation reduces the manual effort and reduces costs. Hence projects amortize within justa few month

RPA can also be deployed as a bridging technology and provides your IT the chance to focus upon long-term developments and implementation of strategical important future projects. Hence RPA constitutes a cost-efficient possibility to test new processes and technologies sufficiently in pilot projects and so depicts a quick win in this context.